Celebrating 100 Years of GC Corporation

Posted on 01 March 2021

2021 marks the 100th birthday of globally respected dental manufacturer, GC Corporation. Well-known for its high-performing materials and an enduring ambition to improve oral health and promote global wellbeing, GC continues to develop materials and equipment designed to give effective, simple solutions to dental professionals.

Right from the start, as a small dental laboratory in Tokyo, GC has been a family business with people at its heart. Underpinned by a strong structure and tried and tested Japanese business principles, it has built a strong and united global team all working towards the same goals.

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, GC is hosting the 5th International Dental Symposium in Tokyo on the weekend of 16th April 2022. Its overall theme, “Smile for the World - Beyond the Century”, chimes in perfectly with the company hailing the 21st century as the ‘Century of Health’.

As John Maloney, GC Director/Country Manager UK, Ireland and South Africa remarks, “GC’s focus on health and a strong sense of corporate social responsibility are driving forces behind the development of our core products, as well as new products such as fibre technology, minimally invasive dentistry and digital dentistry - with an over-riding emphasis on prevention and education as the best ways to protect oral health into the future.”

GC’s aim from the start was to become the world’s leading oral healthcare company. With such a strong legacy to build on and this inspiring vision before them, the future for GC - and global health - looks exceedingly bright!

For more information about the GC 5th International Dental Symposium contact GC UK Ltd on 01908 218999, email info.uk@gc.dental or visit www.gceurope.com.