G2-BOND Universal - the new standard in adhesive dentistry

Posted on 01 March 2021

Leading the way in adhesive dentistry, new G2-BOND Universal with GC’s proprietary Dual H-Technology brings clinicians everything they expect from self-etch and etch-and-rinse gold standard products.

The Dual H-Technology of G2-BOND Universal enables optimal bonding of tooth and composite by the smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics. The HEMA-free composition and hydrophobic bond layer lowers the occurrence of water sorption, decreasing the risk of degradation while ensuring superior durability.

The optimal thickness and flexural strength of G2-BOND Universal may act as a shock absorbing layer to avoid gap formation and debonding, especially with high shrinkage and bulk-fill composites. Its unmatched marginal quality and strong, aesthetic bonding layer prevents microleakage, leading to remarkable sealing effectiveness and virtually no post-op sensitivity.

G2-BOND Universal’s modern, ergonomically designed 2-bottle system allows precise dispensing, prevents dripping, eliminates waste and ultimately saves costs. The viscosity of the Bond makes it easy to apply, limiting the risk of pooling of the bonding layer.

G2-BOND Universal is ideal for use in a multiple range of indications including direct restorations, Immediate Dentine Sealing (IDS), repair of indirect restorations and treatment of exposed root surfaces and hypersensitive teeth.

For more information on G2-BOND Universal contact GC UK Ltd on 01908 218999, email info.uk@gc.dental or visit www.gceurope.com.