Initial LiSi Block: the latest one appointment CAD/CAM chairside option

Posted on 01 October 2021

With its High Density Micronisation (HDM) CAD/CAM technology, Initial LiSi Block is a fully crystallised lithium disilicate block ready to be polished right after milling and without firing.

Initial LiSi Block’s unique ultrafine crystal makes it easy to grind and can be quickly milled in its fully crystallised state. Thanks to Initial LiSi Block’s exceptional properties, high gloss and natural opalescence can be achieved in just a few minutes by polishing only, with the restoration then ready for luting.

Initial LiSi Block is available in four aesthetic shades and two translucencies. When further characterisation is required, the Initial ceramic product portfolio offers Lustre Pastes ONE and Spectrum Stains. These fully synergistic aesthetic solutions means the chroma, value and brightness can be easily adjusted and more depth and detail can be added just by painting.

Initial LiSi Block is the first lithium disilicate CAD/CAM block that does not require crystallisation firing, ensuring smooth, accurate margins, durable aesthetics and predictable outcomes - the ideal one appointment CAD/CAM chairside option for today’s clinicians.

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