Looking to optimise time and clinical outcomes?

Posted on 24 July 2020

Looking to optimise time and clinical outcomes?

Then look no further than everX Flow™ and Essentia® Universal - tried and tested solutions for new clinical challenges. GC’s quick and simple bulk fill alternatives to composite layering means you can provide patients with definitive restorations with a minimal amount of aerosol generation.

Strong to the core

When failure is not an option, look to the strength of everX Flow, GC’s bulk fill, fibre-reinforced composite designed to replace dentine and improve fracture resistance of large restorations. Easy to apply, with two shades for every clinical need, everX Flow is the ideal choice for any restoration needing strength and to minimise shrinkage stress and it’s also indicated to use as a core-build in weakened teeth.

everX Flow offers superior fracture toughness, close to that of dentine, for large durable restorations. This is due to the high amount of short glass fibres strongly bonded to the resin matrix. Its thixotropic viscosity allows it to flow and adapt perfectly to the cavity floor without slumping, even when placed in upper molars.

everX Flow’s Bulk shade offers a depth cure of 5.5mm, ideal for deep posterior cavities and faster treatment times. The Dentine shade has a higher opacity with a depth cure of 2mm for highly aesthetic results and core build-up.

One shade fits all

Is shade selection taking too long? Essentia Universal blends seamlessly with natural tooth structure in just one shade, regardless of the cavity shade. Available in three viscosities - strong enough for all cavity classes - it’s the ultimate solution for posterior restorations.

Essentia Universal is non-sticky and easy to sculpt with great wettability and adaptation to tooth tissues. Easy to polish and packable for fast application, Essentia Universal offers excellent flexural strength and wear resistance.

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