The ONE that simplifies all cementation procedures

Posted on 06 April 2021

A common need among clinicians worldwide is for a simplified adhesive and self-adhesive cementation procedure through one product that delivers superior aesthetics, exceptional bond strength and effortless clean-up.

G-CEM ONE, the new self-adhesive resin cement from GC - which replaces G-CEM LinkAce self-adhesive resin luting cement - brings together high adhesive performance and excellent self-curing ability for a wide range of indications in one product solution.

G-CEM ONE gives clinicians the flexibility of being effective in all adhesive and self-adhesive procedures for any type of restorations; from metal-based to resin and all-ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and posts. It demonstrates excellent bond strength to enamel, dentin and all indirect restorations.

G-CEM ONE delivers efficient bonding to all retentive preparations in just one syringe. For increased bond strength in challenging clinical situations, such as low retentive surfaces, the optional Adhesion Enhancing Primer (AEP) and its innovative GC Touch Cure feature play an important role. When applied to the tooth surface, the chemical initiator in the AEP accelerates the chemical cure of the cement to ensure optimal bonding. The AEP is easy to apply - no additional light-curing is needed - just apply and air-dry.

Additional features are the optimised paste rheology, easy clean-up with one second tack cure option and increased moisture tolerance when the Adhesion Enhancing Primer is used.

G-CEM ONE offers clinicians a reduced inventory with fewer components for a reproducible workflow, making it a good investment for clinics that value efficiency.

G-CEM ONE sets a high aesthetic standard; resulting in invisible margins with high wear resistance and long-lasting aesthetic outcomes with virtually no post-operative sensitivity. It is available in four shades: A2, Translucent, AO3, BO1 (White Opaque).

G-CEM ONE is simply the one for peace of mind when it comes to all your adhesive requirements. Discover the trusted results of its wide range of indications today.

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