Thirst for online solutions increases

Posted on 22 December 2012


The acknowledged surge in online shopping - especially smartphone and tablet usage - in the UK should be food for thought for the dental profession.


The Centre for Retail Research predicts UK online sales for 2012 will increase by 14.0%, reaching over £57 billion. This means that 13.2% of retail sales are now made online.According to Ofcom, 39% of UK adults now own a smartphone, and 44% of these have recently made a purchase using the device.


This means that British consumers have a huge and growing appetite for online interactions, and it’s not just with shops; travel, banking and insurance and healthcare interactions are also increasingly taking place online.


The challenge for dentists is to be able to take advantage of this change in purchasing habits and harness patients’ increased use of technology for the benefit of their practice, a challenge that can now be met confidently using specially designed online booking technology.


Software of Excellence’s new online appointment booking system is safe, secure and effective, meaning patients can avoid the frustration of busy phone lines and book recall appointments or new patient consultations whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.


Patients can respond to recalls or book direct from a practice website via smartphone, PC or tablet by accessing EXACT’s online booking system which gives details of available appointment times. The patient simply selects the desired appointment and the software automatically makes the reservation, updating the calendar in EXACT™in real time and sending a customised confirmation direct to the patient’s computer, tablet, iPhone or Android.


EXACT on-line booking effectively makes practices open 24 / 7, 365 days a year and because patients only select appointments from the slots made available by the practice, you can respond to their needs whilst staying completely in control of your appointment book.

To discover the financial value of online booking to your practice, simply visit and complete a short, confidential online questionnaire, then use the online appointment booking system to book a 20-minute consultation worth £250, during which we’ll show how your practice compares* with national average and best-performing practices.

More information about online appointment booking is available by visiting