This is a video series that should be watched by the entire dental team. Dentists, Hygienists, Nurses who work chairshde will find the tips in the series invaluable for effectively working as a team.

In today's dentistry, working   at speed is getting more and more important due to time pressures. An effective clinician and nursing team have to work together, efficiently and healthily. 4 handed dentistry offers all this

Aims and objectives

  • Show how to set up sitting correctly for dentist, nurse ( higher than dentist) and positioning of the patient especially height of chair, tilt of head.
  • To show how we would design the surgery ergonomically with access to things at arms reach especially for nurses.
  • To show how really a dentist needs very little on his side, a close up of a messy instrument tray as it usually is if on the dentist side at present at end of a procedure.
  • To show how this helps with x-infection control if the nurse has it all on her side.
  • To show how your nurse can help with all procedures
  • To show how 4- Handed dentistry is essential if wearing loupes
3 videos
60 mins CPD/CE