60 Tips in 60 Minutes. 60 Practice Tips for Real Everyday Dentistry

In this series, Dr Taha provides really useful everyday tips for restorative procedures. This is a useful series for all level of dentists to gain lots of little useful tips to improve your daily dentistry.

Part 1 Tips on Isolation

Part 1 provides 20 tips on rubber dam choice, rubber dam punch guides, rubber dam clamps choice, inversion tips, floss ties, helping patient airway, assessing and recording occlusion to use when dam is on, photography during rubber dam procedures, special clamps for the posterior, the double matrix technique, tips on clampless isolation, choice of soft clamps, split dam technique, tips on avoiding adjacent teeth damage, trimming of flash and further tips with blades, tips on cementation under rubber dam, tips on deep margin acquisition, using the Brinker clamp and tips on isolation around bridges.

Part 2. Tips on composites

Part 2 provides tips on composites, heated composites, Custom shade guides, instruments used for carving, tips on using paintbrushes, tips on using matricies and stabilising them, tips on using and curving matricies, an overview of the microbrush stamp technique, tips on the injection moulding and bioclear matrix, tips with Teflon, opaquers , tips on separation and matricies, tips on polishing and finishing.

Par3 Tips on restorative 

Tips on lightcuring, inteproximal finishing, impressions and haemostasis, air abrasion, tips on preparation, shade taking, polarised photography, white patch treatment, tinting and staining, diastema control, tips on replicating anatomy.

4 videos
60 mins CPD/CE