In this video, recorded on day 3 at TubulesStart in 2013, Dr. Imran Sharif provides a brief overview of regenerative techniques in periodontology.

A brief overview of regenerative techniques in periodontology - Dr. Imran Sharif

 Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of regenerative techniques in periodontology, taking into consideration:

  • Periodontal healing
  • Repair, regeneration, site-specific, technique sensitive
  • Cells: epithelial, connective tissue, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament
  • Criteria for success: endodontic status, thick keratinised tissue, defect morphology, reduced mobility
  • Surgical technique: minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIST), wound closure-tension free, suture material and technique
  • Post-operative considerations: wound stability, suture removal, placement of restorations, probing
  • Regenerative options: membrane (GTR), bone graft +- membrane, enamel matrix proteins +- membrane, BMP’s, PRP’s PDGF +- combination therapy
  • Enamel matrix proteins, histological evidence, indications
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20 mins CPD/CE