Conventional impressioning is a daily routine in the clinic. Many studies show that a high proportion of impressions, taken in general practice, have less than optimal accuracy for subsequent laboratory use. A major deficiency is a failure to follow basic principles, inherent to the manipulation of impression materials. A working impression taken on the first attempt is essential to produce well-fitting restorations. This hands-on video will explore ways in which a polyether impression material can be used in a predictable, simple and cost-effective way, saving you time and hopefully enable you to produce that successful crown and bridge impression.

Aims and objectives of the series:

  • Provide an overview of impression materials with a focus on polyether
  • Look at the importance of soft tissue manipulation and available retraction techniques
  • Practical: getting the mouth ready – tray selection and tissue retraction
  • Practical: elastomeric impression making using polyether (Impregum) and VPS (Imprint 4 Preliminary Penta)
  • To understand material selection for various clinical situations

3 videos
80 mins CPD/CE