In this video, recorded at the IADI, San Diego 2016, Dr. Sam Lee points out the important anatomical landmarks to identify, and manage, during implant surgery. He also explains potential complications related to these landmarks and how they can be managed.

Back to basics. Fundamental surgical techniques in implant dentistry - Dr. Sam Lee

Aims and objectives:

Understand how to identify and manage important anatomical landmarks in implant surgery, taking into consideration:

  • Anatomy of the mandible to include variations
  • Where to drill, avoiding, preserving, positioning, angulation
  • Complications of the mandible to include paraesthesia, haemorrhage (internal and external), fracture
  • Management of the mandible to include CBCT, drilling techniques, optimal instrumentation, implant length, incisions, soft tissue grafting, flap design and size, block bone grafting, ring block technique, PRF, nerve protection using a collagen membrane, nerve repositioning, nerve bypass, suturing techniques, drugs prescribed
1 videos
60 mins CPD/CE