This series of lectures were recorded as part of the Barts and the London alumni meeting in February 2017.

Acrylic and chrome in a titanium world - is there still a place for removable prosthodontics - Dr. Anil Shrestha

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of why removable prosthetics are important and the role of removable prosthetics in daily dentistry

  • Key factors in the design of dentures, using removable prosthetics
  • Components and how removable dentures can be reliable alternatives to implants
  • Long-term outcomes of such prosthetics, possible complications and management

3D printing and the restorative dentist - revolution or evolution - Dr. Edward Hems

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an insight into the modern forms of digital printing

  • Understand the different additive and subtractive techniques
  • How additive technology works
  • Understand the results of a study comparing conventional chrome and SLS printed frameworks
  • Gain an insight into the digital workflow in prosthodontics – with the example of a minimal prep bridge

Back away from the forceps - imaging and endodontics - Dr. Richard Kahan

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the endodontic prognosis
  • Through an interactive case discussion, understand prognostic factors for the cases and how endodontic treatment planning would be undertaken

I have a cunning treatment plan - case discussion - Professor Wendy Turner hosts a panel, comprising of Dr’s. Anil Shrestha, David Kramer, Mital Patel and Nikos Mardas

Aims and objectives:

Through discussion, understand the case and its clinical management, taking into consideration:

  • Clinical presentation to include aesthetics, radiographs, BPE scores, mobility
  • Classification of the condition
  • Clinical management
  • Predictability
  • Cost implications
  • Marketing
4 videos
216 mins CPD/CE