Adhesive dentistry has fundamentally altered and literally transformed our field toward significantly longer-lasting and more esthetic dental restorations; Not only because the restorations itself are performing well, but mostly because more dental tissues have been preserved. The Bio-Emulation group’s philosophy is to observe, preserve and conserve. Re-creating the anatomical form and optical features of the intact tooth ever remains an arduous and challenging task and at times elusive one, both within the clinical and technical dental realms. Then, speaking about indirect restorations, is traditional Dentistry Wrong? We don’t think so, but it is just a pity to promote techniques which weaken teeth instead of rebuilding them. The aim of this series of video productions and presentations is thus to focus on indirect posterior restorations especially in daily situations, when decayed, broken or worn teeth have to be restored. We are far from "aesthetic dentistry", in its classical acceptation. Aesthetics is nevertheless an important part of the treatment but is welcomed as a bonus, like a "cherry on the cake"». Simple posterior cases will be presented as well as more complex rehabilitation or even experimental approaches. This series of videos is very very useful for practitioners who regularly restore posterior dentitions with large cavity spaces.

Part 1 will focus on specific aspects of bonded posterior restorations including longevity, advantages, clinical techniques, principles of preparation and luting cements. Immediate dentine sealing is discussed in Part 1 as well. 

Part 2 will focus on the topic of deep margin elevation and a detailsed focus on cementation of indirect restorations. Scroll below to view Part 2

3 videos
60 mins CPD/CE