This series of videos were recorded at the Biohorizons Symposium, Royal College of Physicians, February 2018.

Digital customised implants - Dr. Detlef Hildebrand

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the selection criteria for choosing the correct implant system for the correct patient

  • The CAMLOG implant system and its conical Camlog-groove prosthetic connection
  • The different CAMLOG implant groups and their indications
  • Clinical concepts and different ways to restore full arch cases and his selection for the choice of treatment including the indications for Hybrid, All-on-4/Comfour, removable and fixed options
  • The use of digital, surgical guides and flapless techniques for full arch cases

The future of implant dentistry: The human touch vs technology. Which will win? - Dr. Sinead McEnhill 

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand disruptive technologies and how they relate to dentistry

  • Understand, through an interactive session, why users would struggle with technology
  • The journey of the author and which digital technologies are used in her practice
  • Some predictions about the future in dentistry, including how the workforce will change, where digital will fit into practice and patient behaviours that may change

Future of zero bone loss concept - Dr. Tomas Linkevičius

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand implant concepts for zero bone loss and what contributes to this
  • Implant design and how it can contribute to bone stability, with discussion around the smooth collar, implant connection and implant length
  • Understand how other factors such as platform switching, polished collar and implant position play a role that can contribute to bone loss
  • How soft tissue and the vertical thickness can contribute to bone loss around implants
  • Gain an insight into the research that led to understanding the importance of vertical soft tissue for crestal bone stability

3 videos
185 mins CPD/CE