In many cases, bone augmentation is necessary before implants can be inserted. Additionally, soft tissue management can be a decisive factor for implant success. In all cases, the “Gold standard” of using autologous bone is in competition with the use of bone graft material products. In this lecture, Dr. Frank Zastrow gives insights into the concept of biological bone augmentation (BBA), with pure autogenous bone and tissue.

Providing clear guidelines for autogenous bone harvesting and augmentation techniques, in order to achieve predictable results.

Biological bone augmentation - Dr. Frank Zastrow

Aims and objectives:

Introduction of the BBA concept (biological bone augmentation, with pure autogenous bone) and Khoury technique, taking into consideration:

  • What are the basics
  • Where are the limits in augmentation techniques
  • Lateral augmentation and advanced soft tissue management
  • The atrophied edentulous maxilla - surgical and prosthetic concepts
  • Complications pre and post-operatively
  • External sinus grafting, and the layering technique
  • Peri-implantitis treatment
  • The symbiosis of hard and soft tissue management
  • How to prevent complications in association with sinus grafting
  • Diagnosis and reliable backward planning, in compromised cases
  • How to harvest bone intra-orally and how to deal with vertical defects

1 videos
120 mins CPD/CE