This series of 6 video productions and presentations will evaluate all aspects of periodontal treatment dealing with aesthetics including periodontal plastic surgery for root coverage and soft tissue augmentation, treatment of infrabony osseous lesions, treatment of ridge defects, periodontal and prosthetic problems, and problems concerning the soft tissue around implants.

Aims and Objectives of Part 1

  • Understand the goals of periodontal plastic surgery
  • Understand the aetiology of recession defects
  • Understand the benefits and disadvantages of free gingival grafts
  • Understand the indications and benefits of the lateral sliding flap in specific situations
  • Understand indications, benefits of the connective tissue graft
  • Understand the role of Derma – which is a - and can be used as an alternative to CTgraft
  • Understand the role of mucogingival surgery in implants with hard and soft tissue grafting using Derma

Aims and Objectives of Part 2

  • Understand the types of defects and prognosis of regenerative treatment for defects
  • Understand how to manage combination defects
  • Understand how different treatment modalities and grafting materials are available for grafting – Dr Rossi discusses autogenous bone, allografts, alloplasts and xenografts and the clinical applications for hard tissue defects

Aims and Objectives of Part 3

  • A brief overview of ridge defects and how these can be reconstructed
  • An overview of ridge defects related to previous endodontic lesions, failed molars and horizontal ridges
  • Understanding the Siebart’s classification of ridge deficiencies
  • Using the Cortical Lamina Technique for regeneration of ridge defects in a vertical and horizontal direction
  • Understand gaining bone width via horizontal augmentation
  • Understanding vertical augmentation and factors that may aid in success

Aims and Objectives of Part 4

  • Understand the role of crown lengthening procedures in posterior restorations, in tooth wear cases, in failed previous prosthodontics work
  • Understand how to use the implant crowns to condition and remodel gingivae

Aims and Objectives of Part 5

  • An overview of crown lengthening

Aims and Objectives of Part 6

  • Understand how to improve soft and hard tissue during single tooth replacement
  • Understand how to improve soft and hard tissue during replacement of multiple teeth replacement
  • Understand how to deal with very wide defects

6 videos
130 mins CPD/CE