This playlist covers the many lectures that were filmed at the BSRD Spring Meeting 2014. They include lectures from Professor Terry Donovan on an overview of ceramics, Professor Regina Mericske-Stern on management of the dentition in the elderly patient, from Dr Peter Briggs on endodontics vs implants and Dr Serpil Djemal on the management of dental trauma

Lecture list below. Click on the title to view the lecture

Professor Terry Donovan. An evaluation of contemporary ceramic systems

Professor Terry Donovan. Diagnosis and management of dental erosion

Professor Regina Mericske-Stern. Management of the failing dentition in the elderly patient

Professor Regina Mericske-Stern. Current management of the edentulous patient

Dr Peter Briggs. Endodontics or implants ?

Dr Serpil Djemal. Management of dental trauma

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0 mins CPD/CE