In the current situation, many have realised that working as an associate in the current system is neither fulfilling, nor easy. The stress has been hard to bear. Many associates have approached dentinaltubules with questions on how to start a squat. We decided to create this TubulesLive on that basis.

Chris Barrow and Alan Suggett will cover this topic.

Chris Barrow will talk about business planning particularly aspects like

Lead generation - marketing for new patients in a squat situation

Lead conversion - how to design a patient journey that wins new people over and allows you to sell treatment

Team - first steps in building your ideal team

Alan Suggett will cover how to consider finance and funding for a squat as this is more difficult. He will also cover the spreadsheet and cash flow aspects.

Aims and objectives

  • To discover whether you've got the leadership skills required and the organisational structure in place to build the practice you'd like to own and run.
  • To explain the most important elements of financial analysis in dental practice management
  • To demonstrate how careful analysis of Key Performance Indicators can allow owners and managers to keep the business on course for financial objectives
  • To demonstrate the common mistakes that lead to profit-leakage

1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE