Ceramic veneers have become a more frequent treatment in everyday practice since adhesive dentistry has been proved to be an efficient treatment alternative in comparison with traditional prosthodontics such as peripheral crowns. Veneers can be considered as a restorative option and should not be confined to "aesthetic indications". Ceramic Veneers are performing well not only because the technique itself is performing well, but mostly because more dental tissues have been preserved. Nevertheless, adhesive procedures are demanding. Long-term success is highly related to the strict respect of the preparation principles and of the bonding procedures. The luting appointment especially is a tough one, not because the bonding technique is complex but rather because it requires true dedication and strong determination. The different luting materials will be discussed and the use of pre-heated restorative composite as a luting composite will be especially developed.This series of video productions and presentations cover lots of clinical tips and necessary information for those looking to undertake these procedures

Aims and objectives of Part 1 will including getting an understanding of:

  • bonding and how to get successful bonding regimens.
  • Understand what aspects to focus on to get good successful aesthetic outcomes including preparation tips, shade taking tips, choosing the right ceramic, and the luting cements.
  • Gain an insight into the options for choosing the type of luting cement. Gain an understanding of factors including shade, mode of curing and viscosity for your luting cement. Cases with correct and incorrect choices of cement are shown
  • Understand the possible complications of incorrect cementation are demonstrated with examples of clinical cases
  • Understand the importance of the optimal thickness of veneers is discussed in relation to the cement thickness

Aims and objectives of Part 2

  • Understand the clinical aspects of how to cement veneers
  • Understand the importance of ISOLATION and gain some useful tips for isolation
  • Learn about the conditioning and prosthetic precondition of the veneer
  • Learn about the conditioning of the bonding surface be it composite or natural tooth

2 videos
70 mins CPD/CE