This playlist is a part of a workshop carried out by Dr Allesandro Conti in February 2017. Dr Conti provided insights into the use of microscopes and magnification in restorative dentistry and proceeded onto to show hands on elements of adhesive indirect and direct restorations. This playlist focuses on composite stratification for a posterior cavity

Dr Conti demonstrates a step-by-step procedure for stratification build up of a posterior tooth with composite.

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an insight into how to build posterior composite step by step as a direct restoration.
  • Understand the need for each step of the stratification.
  • Tips on enamel and dentine build up for each aspect of the tooth - smooth surface, the passage and interproximally.
  • The role of staining.
  • Tips on the final finishing.

1 videos
8 mins CPD/CE