The CSR Advantage addresses your business’ next big challenge and how to turn it to an opportunity.

You can't ignore the fact that society is becoming more critical of businesses that fail to 'act responsibly’.

Consumers and staff are looking at you for the hallmarks of a trustworthy business - positive work culture, environmental responsibility and a role in the community and with charities.

Whether you consider yourself ‘charitable’ or not, you cannot argue with the numbers - 88% of consumers now expect social and environmental responsibility as an integral part of every business - no matter how big or small.

But far from being yet another challenge to overcome, your Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility is actually something that you can turn into an advantage. Building a purpose driven, engaged team and a stellar reputation. Mark Topley will explain how, as well as showing you the simple, practical steps you can take, no matter your starting point.

Aims and objectives:

Through viewing this video attendees will learn:

  • What CSR is, and the five areas of impact - People, Charity, Community, Environment, Communications
  • Why CSR is important for patients and potential patients looking for a dentist they can trust
  • Why it’s important for attracting and retaining high quality, purpose-driven people, especially those under 35
  • How to cover all the areas of CSR without having to become an expert in a quick, simple and effective way that takes the thinking off your desk

*This presentation links closely to the 'well led’ Key Lines Of Enquiry for CQC - setting culture, strong leadership, an engaged team etc. For enhanced CPD, it sits firmly in Development Outcome B. 

1 videos
60 mins CPD/CE