In this talk, Dr Dhru Shah will give you empowering tricks and tips on how to remain constantly inspired to achieve your inspiring goals and targets.

There are times when dentistry and life can get very draining, overwhelming and frustrating.

There are times when situations can get challenging with no solution in sight.

There are times when you feel like giving up.

There are times when you wonder what it is all about.

Create your inspiring 2021 for YOU and YOUR TEAM - Dr. Dhru Shah

Aims and objectives:

In this talk, Dhru shares the insights gained through his 12 year journey with DentinalTubules - sharing tips on how he kept the inspired mindset, how he kept continuously energised and empowered even when the chips were down and how this mindset has become a habit now rather than a conscious act.

Find the way to inspire yourself with this talk.

1 videos
60 mins CPD/CE