In this 3 part series, recorded at the Biohorizons Symposium 2018, Dr. Stephen Jacobs hosts debates in implant dentistry.

The hard tissue versus soft tissue debate - Dr's. Marcus Beschnidt, Stephen Jacobs and Professor John Ricci

In this video, Dr. Stephen Jacobs hosts Professor John Ricci and Dr. Marcus Beschnidt as they debate the hard tissue versus the soft tissue.

Aims and objectives:

Gain an understanding of hard tissue versus soft tissue in this debate, taking into consideration:

  • Soft and hard tissue attachment to dental implants: experimental and clinical studies
  • Rough surfaces versus smooth surfaces
  • Micro and nanostructure control of cell attachment and spreading
  • Osseointegration and bone ingrowth
  • Tooth versus implant: implants and tissue reaction
  • Force shielding
  • Keratinised mucosa
  • Abutment: selection, shape, surface, decontamination, handling
  • Gingival recession

Allograft versus xenograft in dentistry - Dr's. Anthony Summerwill, Stephen Jacobs and Robert Oretti

In this video, Dr. Stephen Jacobs hosts Dr’s. Anthony Summerwill and Robert Oretti as they discuss allograft versus xenograft.

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the evidence behind the use of allografts as opposed to xenograft
  • The benefits and limitations of xenografts
  • The applications and limitation of allografts
  • Comparing allograft and xenograft

Analogue versus digital debate in digital dentistry - Dr's. Adam Nulty, David Murnaghan and Stephen Jacobs

In this video, Dr. Stephen Jacobs hosts Dr’s. Adam Nulty and David Murnaghan as they debate analogue versus digital debate in digital dentistry.

Aims and objectives:

  • Discuss the implant planning, surgery and restorative workflow
  • Understand how this workflow is changing from the use of digital technologies
  • The full digital treatment protocols
  • Learn about the disadvantages and limitations of both digital and analogue
  • The future of dentistry and the digital age
3 videos
299 mins CPD/CE