In this video, Dr. Shilpa Sonambekar - Lathi discusses dentures in a world of implants.

Relevance of complete denture knowledge in today’s world of implantology - Dr. Shilpa Sonambekar - Lathi

 Aims and objectives:

  • Gain tips on the provision of complete dentures
  • An understanding of the detail of the features to record in complete denture patients, including extra orally and intraorally during examination
  • How to record these features accurately and practically
  • A checklist you can use for complete denture patients
  • An overview of tips for primary impression techniques, including choice of the correct trays for good impressions
  • Tips on recording the posterior limit of the upper denture, before taking the primary impression using a T burnisher
  • Tips on making primary impressions to record the entire periphery
  • Digital impressions
  • Jaw relation recording
  • Centric relations methods
  • Tips on anterior teeth selection, arrangements and try in
1 videos
45 mins CPD/CE