Dental implants have evolved over the years. The previous criteria for success no longer matches what we need for optimal implant outcomes, especially in the aesthetic zone. In this video, Dr. T.V Narayan careful dissects all the detailed aspects of implant placement, hard tissue and soft tissue considerations for achieving optimal outcomes for success in implant therapy in patients.

The many faces of success in implant dentistry - Dr. T.V Narayan

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand, what is success in implant dentistry
  • As defined by the literature and its limitations
  • What is success in modern implant therapy
  • Understand the risk factors
  • Gain an overview of periodontitis as a risk factor, and guidance on when to save teeth versus extracting
  • Overview of hard and soft tissue factors to achieve implant success
  • How to achieve optimal hard and soft tissue outcomes
  • Options to maintain, or build, good hard and soft tissue to achieve optimal outcomes for implants in the aesthetic zone
1 videos
100 mins CPD/CE