In this 2 part series, Dr. Stefan Klinge discusses diagnosis in endodontics. 

Diagnosis in endodontics. Part 1 - Dr. Stefan Klinge

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand diagnosis in endodontics and why it is needed
  • Understand the order of history taking and how to use this to gain information
  • Understand how the medical history can have an influence on your diagnosis and your procedure
  • Understand how certain aspects of the dental history help to gain information for the diagnosis
  • Tips on how to gain a good patient history and the type of questions that you can ask to gain important information
  • Tips in communication techniques which can help attain the information that you are looking for
  • Understand open questions vs closed questions
  • Tips in communication techniques in terms of listening

Diagnosis in endodontics. Part 2 - Dr. Stefan Klinge

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the signs and symptoms during extra oral examination
  • How you can correlate these signs to the history to get an aid in diagnosis
  • The signs to look out for during intraoral examination within the soft tissues and the teeth - demonstrated via a clinical video
  • Understand pulp testing with its benefits, limitations and the information it provides
  • The different types of pulp testing for vitality
  • Understand other clinical tests to attain diagnosis, including percussion tests, test cavities, selective anaesthesia etc
  • Understand tests and tools that are available to test for cracked teeth
  • Understand the use of radiographs and how these can aid in endodontic diagnosis
  • Tips on how to gain information from radiographs are provided

2 videos
75 mins CPD/CE