This lecture and demo was filmed at the Digital Symposium in 2017 . Dr Jameel Gardee provided a live demonstration of how to take digital records from a patient including the video phase, the scanning and the mock up of a new smile. Dr Gardee also demonstrates how the smile mock up is created.

Aims & Objectives of Part 1

  • Using Digital Smile Design and Digital Planning for your aesthetic patient WITH a LIVE DEMO
  • What cameras can be used for the photos
  • What software can be used for the smile designing and digital waxup
  • What printing methods are available for the mock up
  • What Is the step by step and visit by visit process in these cases
  • Understand how the digital planning process happens via a live patient demo
  • Understand and gain tricks on how to get digital records
  • A practical demonstration of photography and video in the DSD process
  • A demonstration of scanning in this process

Aims and Objectives of Part 2

  • The Mock Up strategy 
  • A practical demonstration of how the motivational mock up is done and how the patient information is recorded before and after

2 videos
75 mins CPD/CE