Aims and Objectives that will be covered in this playlist include the aim of basic life support, contents of the first aid kit, Rules and regulations of a first aider, incident management and what to do at initial assessment , understand what to do for the secondary survey, and Understand the steps to follow for both adult and paediatric CPR.

In the second part, the lecture covers the following aims and objectives:

  • Management of anaphylaxis.
  • Management of sting.
  • Management of asthma.
  • Management of hyperventilation.
  • Management of bleeding and understanding the types of bleeding.
  • Management and types of wounds.
  • Management of nosebleeds.
  • Emergency treatment of amputations.
  • How to do simple and extended slings.
  • Emergency management of internal bleeding.
  • Causes and management of shock.
  • Management of Heart Attacks
  • Management of concussions
  • Management of seizures.
  • Management of penetrating wounds and crush injuries.
  • Management of strains sprains and dislocations.
  • Features of fractures.
  • Understanding and management of burns and scalds.
2 videos
210 mins CPD/CE