his was filmed at Dentsply Headquarters in Surrey , UK where Dr Omar Ikram presented an exciting day of lectures and hands on about dealing with difficult endodontic cases , improving knowledge on instrumentation techniques and a hands on of preparation on plastic blocks. For those interested in endodontics in practice, this is a series that is worth your while. 

The aims and objectives of Part 1 are

  • To develop an understanding of the tools which make difficult root canal treatments more predictable
  • To learn simple tips to help treat more difficult cases
  • Improve knowledge and instrumentation techniques
  • Gain an understanding of the basic and advanced concepts of the ProTaper next system

Some learning you will gain and examples of

  • How to remove a post … some tips on this technique
  • How to remove an old GP – the braiding technique
  • Tooth restoration after access
  • Restoring teeth after endo. SDR system
  • Location of calcified canals
  • Cracked tooth syndrome

In Part 2, you will learn..

  • Glide path and tips on using the proGlider file
  • Instructions and tips on using the ProTaper next system
  • Comparing the ProTaper Universal and ProTaper Next system
  • Tips on using the PrTaper next system and the X Smart Motor

Aims and Objectives of Part 3 are

  • Understand preps on plastic blocks
  • Understand how rotary instrumentation and protaper Next works

3 videos
85 mins CPD/CE