In this series of talks, Dr Edward McLaren provides an overview of aesthetic veneer restorations

Aims and objectives of Part 1. 

  • Bonded functional aesthetic prototype
  • Understand and gain an insight on how to do a composite prototype – understand how to do the wax up and important aspects of the model wax up
  • Understand how to transfer the wax up into a composite prototype in the patient's mouth
  • Understand the critical factors that lead to the success of this composite prototype including protocol on making the stent

Aims and objectives of Part 2

  • Minimal prep veneers
  • Closing inteproximal spaces
  • Tips on preparation
  • Tips on impressions
  • Tips on cementaton
  • Understand why you get the white lines at the veneer margins
  • Dental adhesives update
  • Should we etch and seal dentine or not?
2 videos
150 mins CPD/CE