Ethical and legal update with Dr's. Jim Lafferty and Simon Thackeray

Aims and objectives:

  • To present an update of the current differences between Bolam and Montgomery, and how they related to treatment and consent differently
  • An update of the different types of indemnity - Discretionary and Insurance-based
  • To discuss the grey areas of consent and how more manipulative marketing/communication may have an impact on this.
  • To understand the difference between Bolam and Montgomery and how you may still be negligent, even if you have adhered to Bolam, but not Montgomery
  • To enable the practitioner to decide what type of indemnity might be better for an individual practitioner, rather than assuming all products are the same
  • To understand the terms regulated, mutual, claims made indemnity, occurrence-based indemnity, insurance, run-off cover, tail cover, nose cover and retroactive cover
  • To understand how consent is a process and not a one-off event, and how this might be relevant if patients have ‘buyer remorse’ that means consent is no longer valid even though the treatment has been provided without issues
1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE