This TubulesLive features 4 speakers on the topic of "From associate to practice owner. How do I make the leap?"

Leadership mindset - Dr. Dhru Shah

Aims and objectives:

  • How to develop the leadership psychology and mindframe
  • Moving from the "dentist" mindset of fixing things to the leadership mindset that enables people empowerment, enabling the system to fix things and developing a team
  • How to be ready for a tough but rewarding journey of business ownership

Preparing the transition - Andy Acton

Aims and objectives:

  • Reinforce FTA as opinion leaders in this arena
  • Share insights on how the market has and is moving
  • Highlight the +/- about being an associate vs ownership (either buy or squat)
  • Profile the opportunity to work with FTA/Synergy/Digimax on squat projects

The JVP model - Dr. Zuber Bagasi 

Aims and objectives:

  • Pros and cons of being an associate dentist and a practice principal
  • To motivate associate dentists to take control of their future
  • To offer an insight into practice ownership and the recipe for success
  • To help understand the details of Joint Venture Partnerships in Dentistry
  • How the Synergy Joint Venture partnerships offer a win win solution

Your website is losing you money and you don’t even know it - Shaz Memon

Aims and objectives:

  • Awareness that spending money on marketing is not the answer to more leads
  • You could be losing in excess of £100k per month and how to spot this
  • What changes you may need to make on your site (with your own website designer)
  • How to step into the shoes of your website visitors
  • The ‘I have a good website’ lie – understanding that a site you think is great, isn’t always the case

1 videos
160 mins CPD/CE