This webinar will aim to answer the follow questions

1. Developing the SOP . Where do we start and how?

2. Staff. Who do we unfurlough and do we phase it and what are the legal implications of the HR side?

3. Leadership . How do we lead teams into the new normal?

4. Communication

The main questions around communication

4a. How do we communicate to staff and train them about the new situation

4b. How we also train staff to communicate the changes to patients

5. Finances within the to make the finances work, how to make cashflow work. How do they work out how to pay associates?

The panellists will be Dr Behzaad Mansoor, Dr Boota Ubhi, Dr Sanj Shah, Dr Sham Shamsi, Julia Furley, Dr Barry Oulton, Kevin Rose and Alan Suggett

1 videos
150 mins CPD/CE