In this video: Dr. Dhru Shah will talk through a risk and protocol assessment document, a series of questions that you can use in your practice, helping you to develop COVID-19 specific protocols. Followed by a respiratory protection team discussing masks and protection.

Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of the protocols, PPE and the practicalities of getting back to practice, taking into consideration:

  • Unknowns, aerosol generating procedures (AGP), viral load, level of risk.
  • Reducing risk and increasing safety.
  • Risk and protocol assessment document.
  • SARS - H1N1.
  • Hazards and risks, research, evidence.
  • Respiratory protective equipment, masks vs respirators, filter classification, basic and enhanced PPE.
  • Respirators, disposable, reusable, fit testing, fit checking, qualitative, quantitative, ethical considerations, employer, wearer, limitations, donning and doffing.
  • Changes in dental practice, non-AGP vs AGP, tele-dentistry, pre-appointment, on arrival, on entry, appointment, downtime.

1 videos
150 mins CPD/CE