This is part of the practice management series from the expert team at One SG

Part 1. Performance management

Aims and objectives of part 1

  • Understand the reason and importance of setting objectives for your team
  • Understand the importance of positive encouragement based on these objectives
  • Understand performance appraisal and tips and strategies on how to make this efficient and beneficial
  • Gain an insight into objectives of performance appraisal meetings
  • Gain tips and tricks on how to make these meetings fruitful and positive outcomes
  • How to honour and commit to outcomes agreed on within performance appraisal meetings

Part 2. Sickness absence management

Aims and objectives of part 2

  • Understand how to manage sickness absence of staff and how to keep these to a minimum
  • Raise awareness of policies in place
  • Understand the importance of dealing with absence in a sensitive manner and training of manager in charge
  • Understand the importance of the return to work interview and its benefits
  • Understand the important points to consider and include in the sickness policy
  • Understand your role as an employer to SSP and OSP
  • Gain an insight into dealing with persistent absence
  • Understand the role of the Sickness Capability procedure and when it can be triggered
  • Understand what stages need to be considered before considering dismissal

Part 3. Discplinary and grievance

Aims and objectives of part 3

  • Understand when to conduct a disciplinary or grievance procedure
  • Understand the importance of company rules, and policies for staff to know
  • Understand what constitutes gross misconduct
  • Understand what elements a disciplinary and grievance procedure should contain
  • Understand what the employer should do before any formal proceedings, what information the employer should collect
  • Gain an understanding of when to invite an independent investigator and what steps to take during the proceedings

Part 4. HR Manual and compliance

Aims and objectives of part 4

  • Understand consequences of non-compliance
  • Understand the importance of an HR Manual from a compliance viewpoint to meet outcomes of independent reviews like CQC
  • Understand the benefits of a regularly updated HR Manual

4 videos
40 mins CPD/CE