In this video, recorded at the Royal College of Surgeons, as part of 4 lectures, Dr. Roberto Rossi provides methods of regenerative hard tissue defects using cortica lamina.

Implant day series part 4. State of the art bone augmentation and implant surgery - Dr. Roberto Rossi

Aims and objectives:

  • Gain an insight into the type of ridge defects and the aetiology of ridge defects
  • Classification of bone defects following extraction
  • A review of the literature on bone augmentation and vertical bone augmentation techniques
  • An overview of cortica lamina for bone augmentation and examples of clinical cases
  • The application of cortica lamina for vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation in posterior mandible and maxilla cases and in aesthetic cases, is demonstrated
  • The use of this in reconstructing implant failure sites

1 videos
75 mins CPD/CE