These lectures were filmed at the inaugural DentinalTubules Congress 2017 

Treatment approach for the severely compromised periodontal patient - Professor Giulio Rasperini

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the role of periodontics in saving teeth
  • The importance, and benefits, of non-surgical treatment in periodontics
  • Understand how periodontic treatment to save teeth can be beneficial over and above implant solutions
  • The role of surgery and surgical techniques in saving teeth via periodontal treatment
  • Gain an insight into the types of regenerative options in periodontal surgery, and the minimal surgical flaps for good outcomes

Top tips on the pink/white interface - Dr. Carlo Poggio

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the reasons for subgingival placement
  • The factors that influence marginal and gingival integrity
  • Gain an idea of the emergence angles of the soft tissue around crown margins and crowns and emergence profiles

The composite full mouth reconstruction - Dr. James Baker

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand how to treatment plan wear cases reconstructively
  • Gain an insight into the steps needed to plan, and execute such cases including shade selection, rubber dam tips and isolation
  • Gain an overview, how to build up anterior wear cases using composite resin
  • Tips on building the palatal walls, building the proximal walls and the dentine and enamel shades
  • Learn about polishing protocols
  • Learn about building molars and how to achieve cusp anatomy using various instruments

Top tips in aesthetic cases - Dr. Jason Smithson

Aims and objectives:

  • Tips in solving cases of peg-shaped laterals, diastema closure and discoloured teeth
  • Understand the protocol for dealing with peg-shaped lateral incisors: a step by step guide on how to build up
  • The protocol for diastema closure: including simple, complex and intermediate diastemas
  • Understand the protocol: how to close diastemas
  • Options on how to deal with discoloured teeth

7 top tips in removable prosthodontics - Dr. Finlay Sutton

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the 7 key steps
  • Gain insight and tips on achieving an accurate impression, and how to record the retromolar pad area well
  • A hands-on tip: how to make special tray impressions for the upper and lower dentures
  • Recording centric relation for the occlusion, and tips on using the Gerber Condylator to achieve this
  • Tips on the optimal try-in

5 hot tips in implant dentistry - Dr. Samuel Lee

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand how orthodontics can help gain ridge height, or width, prior to implant placement
  • Understand the main anatomical factors in dental implant procedures and adapting your technique
  • Tips on how to stop palatal artery bleeding
  • Raising connective tissue: the palatal artery
  • Tips on the one-step drill for the lower molar region
  • The crestal sinus lift kits

6 videos
270 mins CPD/CE