In this 2 part series, recorded as hands-on workshops at the inaugural DentinalTubules Global Congress 2017, Dr's Alessandro Conti and Jason Smithson detail and demonstrate class IV composite restorations.

Dr. Alessandro Conti  

Aims and objectives:

  • Tips on building the palatal shell
  • Tips on building the proximal wall
  • How to deliver 3 different layers of dentine, in order to achieve a very nice, layered dentine shade
  • How to select the correct enamel value and how to layer enamel shades
  • Tips on the polishing protocols to achieve the correct contours, and shapes

Dr. Jason Smithson

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand how to do the class IV steps
  • How to make a putty stent, and the main points to get the right stamp
  • The pre-preparation steps
  • Gain an insight on how to create a palatal shell
  • How to create dentine and mamelon anatomy
  • Understanding of the pull-through technique, for the mylar strip, to create interproximal anatomy

2 videos
240 mins CPD/CE