This lecture series was filmed as part of British Society of Restorative Dentistry Spring Scientific meeting 2017

Aims and Objectives:

  • The causes of poor gingival responses during prosthodontic treatment
  • In this lecture Prof Goodacre stressed the importance of the contour, shape and smoothness of prosthodontic restorations on teeth and implants and how it can impact the soft tissues. He presents a number of clinical cases, highlighting how these factors had an impact on soft tissue. This lecture is very important to anyone who does regular prosthodontic work in the aesthetic zone as well as restoring of dental implants
  • The Benefits of the S shaped Cervical Contour for crowns
  • A series of case examples where overcontoured crowns can lead to periodontal tissue inflammation and how this can be improved and corrected
  • An overview of incisal migration of soft tissue in relation to dental implants
1 videos
45 mins CPD/CE