Filmed at the SRRDG and RD-UK conference in 2014, this was a highly interactive session between consultants and the audience. Dr Peter Briggs conference chair presented a case, and the audience gave their opinions on treatment plans before a panel of 10-12 consultants provided their views and opinions. This session is very useful to consider how one would approach treatment planning in a variety of cases. 

Case 1 of 5  involved discussion of a case of severe wear on lower anterior teeth. The discussion focuses on treatment planning options of crown lengthening, composite build ups for wear cases (and their proposed longevity) and whether implant treatment would be of any benefit. An exciting case with various options.

Case 2 of 5 involved the management of severe internal and external resorption of a canine tooth. Would the clinicians extract or treat this tooth? 

Case 3 of 5  involved discussion of the treatment options of a very mobile, periodontally involved central incisor (to save or to extract) and whether orthodontic extrusion would serve any benefit

Case 4 of 5 focused on the discussion and management of an oncology case

Case 5 of 5 focused on the discussion of a case of treatment of peri-implantitis.

5 videos
220 mins CPD/CE