TubulesLive. This series of 4 videos details the individual journeys of Dr’s. Dhru Shah, Mahmood Mawjee, Mihir Shah, Nik Sethi and Riz Syed.

The journey from dentist to practice owner to a self-development motivational coach - Dr. Mahmood Mawjee

Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of that journey, taking into consideration:

  • Personal and self-development skills to build your resilience in dentistry
  • Coping mechanisms
  • The five-second rule

The journey of an implant surgeon from the beginning to advanced cases - Dr. Riz Syed

Dr. Riz Syed started from humble beginnings, travelling as a dentist, placing single implants all over the country, to where he is now, working exclusively on rehabilitation and full arch cases. Dr. Riz Syed is now experienced in zygoma implants, pterygoid implants and nasales implants. Dealing with cases which were once considered impossible. He describes his journey - the lessons learnt, the experiences, and provides tips for any implant dentist wishing to take this journey.

Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of Dr. Riz Syed’s journey in implant dentistry, taking into consideration:

  • Undergraduate placements: oral surgery, Maxfac
  • Post-graduate training
  • Single implants, multiple implants, sinus grafting, All-on-4, zygomatic implants, nasalis implants, hybrid cases
  • Mentors, mentoring, support network, skill set, case discussion with colleagues
  • Lecturing
  • Travelling dental surgeon
  • Failure
  • Mindset
  • Mental health
  • Documented cases

The journey of a periodontist and dentrepreneur - Dr. Dhru Shah

TubulesLive. In this video, Dr. Dhru Shah, the founder of DentinalTubules, details his journey. 

Aims and objectives:

  • What drove his decision to move into periodontics as a career choice, and what led to the choices along this path
  • What influenced his career and who influenced the career choices
  • What made him start DentinalTubules
  • What tips can be given to young practitioners who are "lost" in their journey
  • What tips can be given to practitioners who have lost motivation in dentistry

The journey of 2 young practice owners - Dr's. Mihir Shah and Nik Sethi

Practice ownership is not easy or simple - many young practitioners wish to own their own practice and may not know where to start or how to go about it. In this TubulesLive, Dr’s Mihir Shah and Nik Sethi, 2 young practitioners, share their experience, and journey, providing inspiration to others. 

Aims and objectives:

Gain an overview of the journeys of 2 young practice owners, taking into consideration:

Dr. Nikhil Sethi:

  • Mastering the art of being an associate, profitability, adding value, complementing the standards of colleagues
  • His journey: education, influencers, challenges, confidence in abilities, mentors
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Developing close relationships with the trade
  • The team: involvement in the journey, involve them in your vision, open communication
  • Social media presence
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Learning all parts of running a practice, CQC, audits, stock control, recalls, customer service
  • COVID-19
  • Lessons learnt: investment in business coaching, financial planning
  • Cash reserve for development and upgrades

Dr. Mihir Shah:

  • His journey: education, practice ownership, foundation training trainer
  • Lifelong ambition, brand and identity, clinical freedom, leadership role, financial freedom
  • His practice search, agents, private sale purchase, defined criteria
  • The acquisition process, the offer, acceptance, lending, heads of terms with the seller, due diligence, CQC registration, completion
  • Pitfalls, disagreements, understand the numbers, always seek advice from professionals and fellow colleagues
  • It’s yours: the hard work starts now, get to know your patients and staff, place your own stamp on the organisation, don’t be afraid to change things, having the right team is key, creating the culture
  • Invest in your business, professional development, equipment, customer service and training, learn from mistakes
  • COVID-19: furlough scheme, bounce back loans, CBIL’s loans, staffing, PPE, outgoings, fallow times, principal/associate disputes
  • The current practice market: abundance of associates now looking to purchase
  • Acquire business skills and knowledge
4 videos
240 mins CPD/CE