TubulesLiveTogether. Hosted by Dr. Zak Kara – Dr. Andy Toy, Dr. Bhavin Bhatt and Derek Uittenbroek, with guest Dr. Koray Feran, discuss jump-starting your practice into the future.

Aims and objectives:

Through this discussion gain an overview of jump-starting your practice into the future, taking into consideration:

  • Total quality management, costs, systems, auditing, continuous improvement
  • Customer service, nurturing relationships, rapport, expectations, trust
  • Customer acquisition, focused marketing, education-based marketing
  • Present COVID-19, virus transmission, fear, anxiety, messaging, distraction, opportunities, growth
  • Tele-dentistry, Aligner, marketing, sensitively and empathetically, COVID-19 remote workflow
  • Post COVID-19, reset, restart, treatment planning
  • Leadership, self-worth, values

1 videos
120 mins CPD/CE