Recorded at the Megagen 5th European Symposium 2016, in this video Dr. Sam Lee focuses on how clinicians can avoid surgical complications by understanding critical surgical concepts, anatomy and the use of appropriate tools.

Learn from my mistakes, choosing the right tools for the right techniques - Dr. Sam Lee

Aims and objectives:

Understand surgical complications, with a particular focus on intraoperative implant dentistry, taking into consideration:

  • How to avoid surgical complications, in the maxilla, to include:
  • Greater palatine artery
  • Incisive canal
  • Intraosseous anastomosis of posterior superior alveolar and infraorbital arteries
  • Understand how to avoid surgical complications, in the mandible, to include:
  • Lingual concavity
  • Lingual canal
  • Mental nerve
  • Inferior alveolar canal
  • Learn how to manage these complications
  • Learn how to minimise these types of trauma
  • Gain an overview of an internal sinus lift - crestal window technique
  • Understand ideal implant positioning through a case presentation, considering the patient's expectations, treatment planning, the golden proportion, hard and soft tissue management and the subsequent treatment undertaken

1 videos
40 mins CPD/CE