Why what you may know about stability is changing and why you must adapt. 

The conventional ideas of slapping on fixed retainers and removables have been challenged by a new breed of clinician. The concepts bring together multiple fields and unfortunate experiences to avoid pitfalls which manifest in the decades ahead. From the enigma that is growth to the neglected psychological component, from the “no retainer” mindset to the complexities of occlusion and the TMJ, alignment is nothing without stability.

Orthodontic endgame - Dr. Amritraj Jabbal

Aims and objectives:

  • To be aware of the contemporary ideas behind retention and stability

  • Understand the importance of treatment planning in stability
  • Why different appliances may need different retention methods
  • To be able to interpret age changes and relapse potential
  • Understand the concepts of whether retainers are important
  • Know when to use certain retainers
  • The 3-minute chair-side fixed retainer
  • Concepts on the future of retention

1 videos
90 mins CPD/CE