In these challenging times, it has been shown that having patient plans is very useful for continuity of patient care, as well as business sustainability.

Long-term it also enables patient loyalty, as well as offer the ability to transition from NHS to independent care.

In this TubulesLive, our panel, consisting of Dr's. Douglas Watt and Paul Mulligan with Lesley Bailey of Privilege Plan and Nigel Jones of Practice Plan, aim to guide practices on how to implement this to create the right environment for patient care and dental sanity.

Lesley Bailey from Privilege Plan:

  • Why patient plans are a good addition to your business model - what volume of patients should be on the plan
  • Why a practice might be looking to introduce a plan, or convert from an existing provider
  • How a practice could use a plan as a vehicle to convert NHS patients
  • Plan options and pitfalls; Full Care, Maintenance, Hygiene, our Independent Dental Health Plan, others...
  • What next steps might be appropriate, fee review, competitor analysis, marketing collateral, training.

Dr's. Douglas Watt and Paul Mulligan set their own in-house practice plan:

  • Why did you convert/start a plan?
  • What made you choose an in-house plan, as opposed to a plan provider?
  • How did you set up your in-house scheme?
  • What challenges did you face?
  • How much time do you need to dedicate to it monthly?

Nigel Jones from Practice Plan:

  • What are plans and why are they beneficial, especially during these COVID-19 times?
  • What has stopped practices from converting to plans, and why more are doing so now?
  • How can plans be used to move practices away from NHS care to more independent care?
  • What are the challenges of conversion, in your experiences and what has worked?
  • What about private practices and how have they converted from fee per item to plans?

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90 mins CPD/CE