Filmed at the Inaugural Tubules Global Congress in 2017, Dr Arther Lyford presents an overview of the use of piezo in dental surgical procedures. He provides tips on using piezo for exodontia, for ridge splitting and for sinus lifting. These videos are very useful for all surgeons using piezo or thinking of getting piezo.

Tubules Global Congress 2017. Piezo Surgery From Ridge Split to Sinus and More

Aims and Objectives:

  • An understanding of how piezo works.
  • Applications and benefits of piezo in surgical and implant dentistry.
  • Tips on extractions to reduce trauma to tissues when using piezo.
  • Gain knowledge of extractions with a demonstration of an atraumatic extraction using piezo, followed by placement of an immediate implant.
  • Discussion on the ridge split technique and the use of piezo in this technique.
  • Understand ridge split vs Guided bone regeneration.

Tubules Global Congress 2017. Demonstration of Using Piezo for Ridge Splitting, Sinus Lifting and More.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Understand the use of Piezo in Ridge split and ridge split procedure.
  • Understand how to place implants in a ridge split site.
  • Understand using the horizontal mattress suture to do a ridge split.

Tubules Global Congress 2017. Demonstration of the Use of the NSK Variosurg Using an Egg

3 videos
105 mins CPD/CE