In many practices and disciplines of dentistry, piezosonics are becoming a mainstay in treatment. In this video, Dr. Pertl provides an overview of this modern technology for our dental treatment. He outlines how piezo technology works and its uses in endodontics (for access, irrigation, removal of fractured instruments) and in surgery (for extractions, sinus lifting and bone grafting procedures). 

Piezosonics in clinical dentistry - Dr. Christof Pertl

Aims and objectives:

  • Understand the history of piezosonics and how they were introduced in dentistry
  • Understand the fundamentals of the piezo ultrasound technology
  • The use of ultrasonics in endodontics – in cavity preparation, the retreatment of cases, removal of separated instruments and dealing with endodontic perforations
  • The ability to use ultrasonic periotomes in tooth extractions and other oral surgery procedures such as nerve repositioning and bone blocks
  • The use of ultrasonics for different bone grafts including blocks, splitting, and chips
  • The use of ultrasonics for sinus floor elevation
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31 mins CPD/CE