Aims and Objectives:

  • Treatment planning for the immediate implant therapy
  • Gain an insight into aesthetic problems associated with single implants and multiple implants and what possible complications can arise
  • An understanding of the limitations of socket preservation and soft tissue grafting techniques in thin biotypes
  • Understanding where partial extraction therapies as a possible solution can be used in these situations
  • Overview of socket shield/root membrane technique, root submergence technique and pontic shield techniques and
  • Understanding the benefits of the partial extraction therapies
  • Some frequently asked questions about the socket shield technique:
  • How long should the socket shield be?
  • How deep should I place the implant?
  • How much space do I need between the socket shield and the implant?
  • Do we need Emdogain for the retained root?
  • Do I have to fill the jump gap?
  • How high should I leave the socket shield above the bone?
  • How thick should the socket shield be?
  • Subgingival crown distance to the shield?
  • Pontic site development for multiple teeth situations

1 videos
60 mins CPD/CE