Cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry has come forward leaps and bounds. Previously practitioners were driven by an ethos to prepare teeth where now the focus is more on minimally invasive dentistry. The use of aligning, bleaching and bonding in a concept known as progressive smile design can be used to achieve exceptional results for aesthetically driven patients with a minimal biological cost. In this webinar, Dr Tif Qureshi provides an overview of this ethos and examples of clinical cases with exceptionally positive outcomes. Using the concept of progressive smile design can be a real practice builder for you

Aims and Objectives

Understand the role of minimally invasive dentistry and aligning in patients with cosmetic concerns

Understand the role of aligners in patient treatment plans

Understand the benefit of progressive smile design and progressive space creation

Understand the benefit of aligner treatment in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry

Understand the consequences of veneer treatment for the long-term

Understand the importance of retention and the role of relapse in orthodontic cases

2 videos
95 mins CPD/CE