In this series on Health and Safety, Rhys Jones discussed the aspects of health and safety that are needed for practices to remain safe.

In the first of the three parts, he talks about the risk assessment process, the steps needed to carry out a risk assessment, how to make the risk estimation and to put protocols in place

Aims and Objectives of Part 1

  • Understand what is a hazard
  • Understand what is a risk
  • Understand the steps to carry out a risk assessment procedure
  • Understand how to make a risk estimation
  • Understand how to make a judgement to complete or amend the necessary control measures

Parts 2 and 3 discuss creating a safe environment for employees and patients

Aims and Objectives of Part 2

  • Understand the definition of Health and Safety
  • Understand the broad principles under which health and safety work
  • Understand why to maintain good standards of health and safety at work and the potential outcomes of poor standards
  • Understand the reasons for effective health and safety management from a moral, legal and financial viewpoint and the costs of poor management
  • Understand the benefits of good health and safety management 

Aims and Objectives of Part 3

  • Understand how dental practices can go about implementing effective health and safety protocol
  • Understand the 5 steps of implementing a good health and safety protocol
  • Know who is responsible and how to set up an organisational structure
  • Understand tips on how to plan and implement a health and safety policy
  • Understand how to measure that your policy is working, and reviewing and auditing

3 videos
30 mins CPD/CE